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A lot of the items on this page can be used in a Doll Vignette, check for sizes


Antique Victorian miniature curved glass decorative Valentine with figure  7 x 4 1/4 x 2 3/4"  275.00


Four French antique Miniature Glass Bottles in Original Box  2 1/2" (6 cm.) bottles. Four blown glass bottles are preserved inside an early box with engraving on its lid; the bottles each are labeled with a canceled 1 cent US stamp with semi-profile image. Excellent condition. The box is pencil dated Dec. 25, '71 on the inside lid. The bottles are each labeled individually Pond Lily, Mignonette, West End, Spring Flowers    275.00 


Antique Conta Boehme porcelain Fairing child pulling on sock  225.00

Children's Antique Linen book Mary Had a Little Lamb, very good condition  45.00


Vintage doll pieced earrings rhinestone studs 3/4"    95.00 


Antique miniature parasol umbrellas sculptured in bone. Every umbrella is different. Length: from 4 to 5". The top unscrews    95.00 each. Nice for display with small dolls or in doll houses.



Antique doll blue silk purse. Drawstring closure, accented with blue ribbon, gilt trim & pink trim. Has a mirror on the bottom. Overall very good condition, 1 place near the center has pulled apart at the ruffled top & a couple of places on the blue ribbon edge. Clean, no odors. Mirror a little distorted. 4" t x 4 1/2"   195.00


Antique French Fashion doll kid leather long gloves in great condition 11 1/2" x 1 1/4" at the top  195.00


Antique miniature dollhouse German Erhard & Sohne ormolu decorative large birdcage. 2 birds, 1 on the swing, 1 drinking out of the bird feeder/bath on the ground. Has 2 large feeders on 1 side, they actually turn. 2 7/8” h x 2 1/2" x 2 1/4”. Overall good condition, a little discoloration. Has a chain attached to hang. If you don’t want the chain we can remove it  450.00  
 Other sizes available


Vintage medium doll size red leather hard case purse, double strap handle with ring in center, 4 wide x 3 1/2 tall to the top of the piece, the handles with a ring in the center bring it to 6 1/4 tall x 2 1/4 deep"    50.00



Antique baby Bone child's rattle 125.00, Paper litho child's rattle with animals cat design signed c1899 7 x 2"  180.00, Antique baby rattle paper litho with children & animals. Little girl with a bear, a fox & a frog. Very good condition, the handle was professionally replaced. Not Marked. 7 x 2". The animal pic reflects the colors better, there's a lot of flash with the children side of it. Late 1800s   95.00

Others available on the antique page


Antique miniature toy glass candlesticks 1 1/2 diameter x 1", nice small size for display  70.00


German Antique doll head hat stands, Papier-Mâché heads:  Blue hat stand in an unusual form 9 1/2 t, base is 4 3/8". Signed Germany. Felt hat. The fabric on the body is discolored & there is a spot between her eyes    245.00, Unusual 2 tone green & white  225.00, Lg green head, head is bigger then the avg  185.00, Red 9 1/2"  165.00, Dark pink  195.00, Green & pink 195.00,  Lavender 195.00, Green double bisque head   225.00


Small French Fashion doll accessory antique red soft leather Necessaire, has a locking clasp on the outside.  4" x 2" includes 2 celluloid brushes, button hook, puff & mirror  395.00


Antique small doll rattle 3 1/8" with a bone handle 245.00

more on the Antiques page



Antique Paper box with 2 puffs inside c1907 1 1/2 x 3/4"  125.00   


Antique doll accessory c1908 red leather miniature diary, very good condition, diary inside the holder 3 1/4"   165.00



Bliss antique paper litho on wood Jackson Park Trolley car, rare & hard to find piece in great condition, minor restoration of 6 of the seat sides are photocopied replacements, 1 smoke stack replaced & horses wheels. The seats swivel in both directions. 17 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 7".  3500.00
Have another on the Toy Page


Antique French miniature metal baby swing with pink silk liner, ribbons added 6 x 3 1/4 x 4" d, rare & unusual piece  350.00


German antique miniature domed trunk in faux dark brown leather, original green and tan striped interior, wooden trim & faux silver studded straps. Made in Germany; 4" long x 2 1/2 wide x 2" t  125.00, same in coral with  lift-out tray 135.00


Antique Patriotic doll 14" Stars & Stripes umbrella parasol. Red wood handle & tip. In very good condition. I've always displayed it closed standing with a doll. The material is perfect & I've been afraid to open it til it goes into the holder because I didn't want to damage the old fabric. Colors are good although the red stripes are lighter    195.00

Antique Mabel Lucy Attwell Huntley Palmer small biscuit tin 5" x 1 1/4"  39.00, Paper litho German cardboard NR bucket with a metal handle. It has Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood. Marked Germany on the bottom. 3 3/4" tall x 3 3/4" diameter. Overall it's in good condition, has some paper loss at the base. The color is great  275.00, Heavy tin red pail 1 1/2 x 2 1/2" d   85.00

Blue & white cotton antique doll parasol with children motif 29" long, lg doll size  175.00



Child's or adult Antique Sewing: Stork scissors  125.00, Red leather needle case in the form of a book 1 3/4 x 1 x 5/8"  185.00, Kate Greenaway Metal thimble holder, base has an embossed design 2 1/2" w x 2 3/8"  225.00


Antique doll straw hat 8 1/4" diameter, inside measurement is 5 1/4" in very good condition, has 1 teeny hole  145.00,Cloche 3 1/4 t x 6", inside 3 3/4", it's not straw, unsure of material   275.00

Other smaller hats available



Santa antique candy container tin, minor wear  85.00


Little Traveler antique paper litho dome doll trunk, has graphics on the side, inside tray 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 5 1/4" t     295.00

Antique Victorian sterling jewelry name slides  35.00 each, these make a nice necklace chocker for your doll. Have pics available for the individual pieces


Antique Doll Purses: Burgundy beaded 5 x 3 1/2"  125.00,  Purse velvet 2 1/8 x 1 1/2"  35.00


Antique Tin litho dime bank with Terrier or Scotty dog    95.00


Child's antique doll quilt hand done 36 x 44", very good condition, has some bleeding on the back  195.00

Shown are other older ones available & some newer, have more early ones not shown



Antique dolls hats:  White French Fashion inside 1 3/4 x 1 1/4" t   175.00
Other hats available


Antique German Pyrography wood toy Box Pencil box with children Label No 1231 American Pencil Co London New York. Includes an old eraser, pencils, & a pen with 3 different metal tips. Metal sliding closure. 1 x 10 x 2 1/8"  150.00, Box bench candy container. The seat lifts 3 3/4 x 2 5/8 x 5 7/8"  225.00, Desk candy container. The front slant top lifts up. Children on the front, cats on the sides 2 3/8 d x 5 1/2 w x 3 1/2 t"   225.00, Wood toy piano candy container. The front top lifts up. Children on the front, decorations on the sides. 2 d x 4 1/4 w x 4 1/4 t". 1915 written on the base in pencil  225.00

Also have a sled on the doll pg


Antique Art Nouveau locket can be used as a doll's powder compact. Can be used in a doll vignette or on a doll house vanity. 1 1/8" diameter. Gold fill, decorated with relief strawberries and leaves and accented with small stones. In some light they look like dark blue sapphires, in other they look like dark amethysts. Inside light they look like jet. Rose cut. Excellent detail and craftsmanship. The back has good plating still. Interior has discoloration & wear. Clasp is missing if you wanted to use it as a locket   125.00 


Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Antique wall plaque or Christmas tree ornament 5 1/2 x 3 1/2"  c1920-30   95.00, Raggedy Ann & Andy Christmas ornaments. 5". New, artist signed    35.00


Antique miniature doll size water glass enamel carafe, glass & under tray  2 1/4 x 1 3/8", nice small French Fashion size   245.00, German antique doll miniature perfume original condition, glass dauber with globe-shaped top; handpainted flowers; wavy glass; cork. 2 1/4" t   95.00


French antique doll small sedan chair in a Vernis Martin style. These are also known as a Chaise a Porteur. 9" t x 4 1/2 d x 4 1/4" wide. Rare design on 3 sides in leather on wood, no design on the back. Very good condition, some fraying to the poles. Has 2 glass shelves inside   750.00 


Antique French doll Miniature tapestry Necessaire includes Comb & Mirror in an Embroidered case. (The Comb is broken at its base; closing system)  4.33" X 2.36", minor wear on the bottom edge   175.00 


Child's antique suitcase grass cloth 15 x 10 1/4 x 4 1/2"  145.00



Unusual antique French serpentine dresser or stationary box  embellished with toleware chromo lithographed panels with frolicking cherub and swag motifs. c1880 - 1900. This boudoir box has taken on a wonderful faded grandeur air. There is wear and chips to the toleware panels, the fabric elements are worn , it has age related marks, traces of glue around the bottom, some of the screws on the feet have been replaced and there is no key. Despite it's imperfections this box is so unusual & they don't detract. 10 x 7 1/2" x  7" h   1295.00 


Antique doll German Marklin folding high chair 7 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 3 1/2"  395.00


  Antique doll house miniature large size bronze metal screen 7 1/4" t x 3 1/4"     595.00

Antique embossed design silver miniature sedan chair. I'm not sure if it's pure silver or silverplate. 3 3/4" t x 2" x 1 7/8" at the rear. With the handles it's 5" long. Very good condition. Door opens, seat inside. Has 3 marks on the bottom    595.00


Antique Dollie Specs glasses. In the original box. Marked on the box Made by Society CCW Co Providence RI. 2 1/2" wide from each frame side. 2 1/2" to the end of the wires. Well made, in really good condition   245.00



smaller sizes avail on the DH pg

Small antique pearl beaded ormolu round box pink & green accents. Its very unusual, not sure of the original intent. Footed base, clasp on side. 1 3/8" diameter x 3/4" to the top of the pearls. Interior is ormolu. Can be used on a doll dresser in a vignette or doll house. Very good condition, bright ormolu, no issues  295.00


Antique woven small doll French suitcase, leather handles & metal clasp 7 1/4 x 5 1/2 x 3 3/4", inside is lined with a cloth floral fabric  275.00


Antique German Tin litho toys: Penny toy miniature coal hod 2 1/4 x 1 1/2" 195.00 , Miniature Picnic basket candy container. 1 side of the top lifting lids is loose. Nice graphics in good condition, no rust. A little wear on the bottom. 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2"  195.00, Miniature Dustpan. 4 1/4 x 3 1/2". Minor paint flake otherwise good condition  295.00, Child's coin or bug holder. Unsure of it's use. Very good condition, some wear on the bottom scene of ships. 1 1/8 x 3" diameter. Center opens  225.00


 Perfume red glass, metal case has the glass wand to dab 1 1/4 x 7/8"  65.00, Ormolu filigree perfume 2 1/8 x 1 1/4"  125.00, Blue unusual shape 1 1/2 x 1 1/8"  75.00, Perfume Marionettes all original 3 1/2"   125.00


German Candy container antique doll suitcase cardboard suitcase Brown rounded leather type French Fashion size, hard sided sm spot on 1 side       225.00


Antique German candy containers:  Red/brown hatbox travel size 1 1/4 x 2 1/4"  95.00,  Trunk 3 x 1 3/4 x 1 5/8" tall  235.00, Small red hatbox 7/8 x 1 1/2" diameter  45.00


Antique Tin German Blue slop bucket 2 1/2 x 2 1/2"  145.00, Red antique tin watering can 4 1/4 x 5 1/2"  195.00


Antique French Fashion celluloid box has initials FD on bottom says Frances Denney 35.00

Antique Child's large doll 3 part dressing mirror. Colorful Children graphics on 2 parts. Has an easel stand on back. Can be used in a doll vignette or in a doll house. Stamped DRGM on the back. Has discoloration to the metal; on 1 pic there's some spots in the top gold area. Mirrors have some discoloration. 7" tall to the top x 9 1/2" when opened. 5 1/2" from the bottom to the top of the mirror. You see these in small doll house size to hang on a wall, I haven't seen this form before  275.00


Antique doll baby bottle Clear Dog on bottle 2 3/8" 45.00; Bottle set in box has a rattle 95.00; other bottles avail

Antique German Embossed Soft Metal Miniature Doll Hand Mirror. A very pretty, estate found early twentieth century German embossed white metal doll large hand mirror with a silvered finish. 3 7/8” long x 1 5/8” wide x 3 16” deep. It’s unmarked but most certainly of German manufacture made for the American market, circa 1910. Very nice casting details, the frame is embossed as is the handle. The original oval mirror is held firmly/securely in place by three tiny tabs on the back, one is missing. Condition: There are no bends, breaks, touch-ups or repairs. There is overall age discoloration to the silvered mirror. Suitable for a French Fashion  195.00


Antique Tin child's Sand toys on card, all original  75.00


Vintage reverse picture on glass boy & girl in a village. Unusual, in a gold decorated frame. 5 1/4" x 4 7/8". The stand on the back is broken off, age unknown  39.00


Antique doll early basket 4 1/2 x 5 1/2"  75.00


Antique German child's tin toy cash box.  The lid lifts up & has a removable tray with bright aqua-blue mesh metal bottom.  It has pictures of children at a German store counter buying cheese (kasse).  3.75" long x 3" wide  175.00

 photo60.jpg (4125 bytes) 

Kewpie type vintage pottery Bank no marks 6 " x  4 " 39.00

Antique miniature blue glass in ormolu holder 1 7/8 x 1 1/4" diameter. Very good condition, unusual piece   95.00


Antique doll French Fashion doll Stanhope binocular  Bone  95.00

Antique Kate Greenaway: Metal thimble holder, base has an embossed design 2 1/2" w x 2 3/8"  225.00


Antique German Marklin tin miniature pull cart  7 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 3 1/4"   395.00

 Wire Buggy with baby marked Germany #67 all orig. condition 4 1/2 x 3 1/4" to the handle  275.00


Antique doll gilt metal decorative brush set. You see these in pewter, rarely in gilt color as well as with 2 brushes. The mirror is 4 x 2". Very good condition, minor discoloration on the mirror  275.00, Pewter set MIB signed 1907    195.00

Antique doll medium size dome top tin trunk. Rare unusual form. 12 x 8 t x 6 1/2" d. Handles on the side, part of the locking clasp is missing on the front. Has a great look & patina. Has some paint loss, no dents or other issues. There was a card inside saying "Childs Circus tin trunk English"   495.00

On the Doll House page, there are larger scale items that work in doll vignettes


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